Gone for Good

Dinner Party: 220 Merrill

Birmingham is well known for fashion and its fine dining establishments, and both were the topic of conversation during Ambassador’s lastest Dinner Party at the newly reopened 220 Merrill restaurant. When Denise Ilitch, 220’s co-owner and Ambassador’s publisher, and business partner Zaid Elia, owner of the Elia Group, bought the historic Detroit Edison building at 220 E. Merrill St., its resident restaurant already had an excellent reputation.

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The Essence of Caring

Judge’s Style Goes Beyond the Bench

By Wensdy Von Buskirk When the Honorable Craig Strong sits on the bench at 3rd District Circuit Court of Michigan, he looks the part. But beyond the black robes, the judge is far from conservative.

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Opening Doors

Rock’s Leading Lady

Any band needs a strong frontwoman or frontman, and rock/pop group Kaleido has just that in its lead singer, Christina Chriss. When the band performs, she is easily the tiniest thing – in size – and the largest thing – in presence – about the group. She’s the only girl, so she stands out for that alone, but it’s also her rocker-chic style that easily draws as much attention as her voice.

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