Deviled is the New Black


Restaurants, like any other industry, seem to go through trends and phases. Of course there is the health trend, the American fusion trend, and now I can’t seem to go to a new restaurant without seeing deviled eggs on the menu. Now don’t get me wrong; I love deviled eggs. But why are they becoming increasingly popular?

The art of cooking is definitely becoming less prominent in a domestic setting and home-cooked meals that require long prep-times are slowly dwindling out of fashion. As a result, our cravings for classics like deviled eggs are going unmet. They’re no longer an after-school treat, but they’ve been replaced by pizza rolls. Instead of serving them as a nice appetizer, we are served rolls and salad. Of course deviled eggs make appearances at the occasional holiday or special occasion, but we as a generation are seriously deprived of a time-treasured comfort food. Luckily, the new wave of trendy restaurants have seen this gap and filled it. The appeal of deviled eggs to these restaurants is that while they are a crowd-pleaser, they are also a food that lends itself to adding personal touches. Many chefs are getting creative with their interpretations of the classic dish (think wasabi and sesame deviled eggs).

Deviled eggs are the black pumps of the food industry. They go great with southern comfort food, dressed up in a candlelit dinner setting, or perfect in more exotic restaurants with a few modifications. Simple, efficient, and never out of style, the deviled egg is the perfect glue to any meal. Whatever your personal preference, it cannot be denied: deviled eggs have made a comeback.

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