Juicing: Sweet or Sour?


With new juice shops popping up all over, it’s hard to ignore this trend that seems to be here to stay. Recently, juice cleanses in particular have gained a bad rep, as celebrities have collectively spoken out against the all-liquid diet trend, and rightfully so. By no means is an all liquid diet the answer to your health woes. Still, I don’t think it’s time to write juices off completely, seeing as they render numerous health benefits. Whether you’re too busy to fit the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables into your daily diet or you’re like me and prefer fruits over vegetables, juicing remedies several health concerns and tastes delicious.

Most notably, juicing is a great way to integrate fruits and vegetables into your daily diet in a fun and efficient manner. Mixing in a little kale into a mostly fruit juice is great for people who hate the taste of leafy greens. Also, if you’re an amateur health nut, then most juice places spell out the nutritional benefits of their juices and combine the ingredients carefully enough where you don’t feel like you’re drinking grass. Watch out though for the sneaky calories that come with combining several whole fruits into a juice, because while nutritionally beneficial, they are certainly not filling. If you keep your juice mostly vegetable based with a little fruit for flavor, you’ll pack in all the essential nutrients without all the added calories and sugar.

Juicing also happens to be extremely convenient whether you own a juicer at home or opt to buy juice from your local stores. If juicing at home isn’t an option, you’re in luck. Detroit is home to great juice shops that can help you find the perfect drink to help your health concerns.



Listed below are some Detroit favorites for juices!



719 Griswold St. #110 Detroit, MI 48226


Urban Elixirs Juice Bar

19335 W. McNichols Detroit, MI 48219


Beyond Juicery+Eatery Eastern Market

2501 Russell St, Detroit, MI 48207


While the verdict is still out on the overall necessity of juicing, it reinvents how we look at our daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Let us know what your experience of juicing is in the comments below!




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