Meal Prepping: How to Stay on Track with Your Busy Schedule


Eating healthy in the winter is probably the last thing on your mind. Bikini season is a far off fantasy, and comfort often becomes prioritized over health. For me, food can be a matter of convenience rather than health, making it difficult to put the right things into my body. Frozen meals and cereal too quickly become staples in my diet, leading to a decrease in energy and overall productivity. With limited cooking skills and time, I have found that meal planning and prepping on Sundays is the key to staying on track with my health goals and helps save me the stress of grocery shopping without any direction. While the task at first seems daunting, it’s definitely worth the payoff in the end. This strategy also holds me accountable for exactly what I eat throughout the day, which is great if you’re like me and can eat a whole bag of chips without blinking an eye.

Breakfast is often more of a burden than an enjoyment. We hear it over and over again; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Still, it’s the one we have the least time to prepare and feel the least compelled to eat. A good balance of carbs, proteins, and healthy fats is essential to remaining full until lunch. Personal favorites of mine are avocado toast with a fried egg, almond butter and sliced banana on toast, or mini omelets. To add some flair to avocado toast, I like to add diced onion and tomato with lemon juice and cracked pepper for some zest. Peanut butter on toast is an easy breakfast and the ultimate comfort food when topped off with sliced banana. Mini omelets prepped on Sunday in a muffin tin are fun and simple to personalize and freeze throughout the week until you’re ready to eat them. Whatever you choose to eat, make sure to plan it out so you don’t have to go through your morning on an empty stomach. Play around with simple options and figure out what breakfast works for you and your morning routine. Once it becomes a habit, you’ll find yourself getting more out of your day and starting it off on a positive note.

Lunch is a tricky meal to plan for, especially if you’re constantly on the go at work. The key to maintaining your healthy lunch is keeping it simple, yet exciting. Mason jar salads are a fun way to mix and match ingredients without getting bored, while also making your meal attainable and delicious. I also recommend a classic sandwich as long as you load up on vegetables with your lunch meat. Greek yogurt or tortilla chips are great ways to round out your meal and keep you feeling satisfied.

Finally, you’ve made it through your day and are ready for a well-deserved dinner. You might be too tired to take the time to prepare something worthwhile. Luckily, you have some grilled chicken or salmon from Sunday you can heat up in the oven with some vegetables. Crock pot soups are easy to cook in bulk for the week and are especially appropriate in these winter months. Another personal favorite of mine is sautéing ground turkey in taco seasoning, sautéing vegetables, cooking up rice and portioning out the meal into containers. Regardless of what meals you end up choosing, meal prepping takes the stress out of eating and keeps your health goals at the forefront of your priorities.




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