Meet Award-Winning Detroit Artist William Singer


William Singer is a painter based in Detroit, Michigan. His work has been included in group exhibitions in Michigan, Florida, Georgia, California and New York. Singer gained significant recognition among Detroiters when he was a featured resident at the Red Bull House of Art in Detroit (2015). He also took home the top prize award for a canvas painting featured at Lawrence Street Gallery in Ferndale, Michigan last year.


Singer has gained national recognition for his work and was recently featured in Studio Visit Magazine and Artpulse Magazine. He was the subject of a 2016 solo exhibition at Boulder Creative Collection in Boulder, Colorado, where he also conducted a residency. His work was also featured at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in New York City (2013).

“Detroit is an amazing place filled with a ton of talent,” says Singer. “The community has been very supportive of my work and I can’t thank them enough.”

Singer is a 2013 graduate of SCAD’s M.F.A. painting program, and he received a B.F.A. in 2008 from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


“From the Depths Above”

SCAD Museum of Art: Emerging Artist Gallery

deFINE Art 2017

December 20, 2016-March 5, 2017

“From the Depths Above” presents new work by William Singer. Comprised of paintings on paper, drawings and one grand-scale painting, the exhibition examines the authority of traditional painting motifs through playful interpretation of landscape and portraiture.

The portraits presented in “From the Depths Above” serve as a humorous questioning of authority. The artist uses expressive marks, a rich palette and various signs and symbols to depict farcical, invented characters. The closely-cropped portraits are recognizable as faces, but are twisted and distorted, embellished and masked, to show a simultaneous presence and absence. Inspired by Byzantine icons, this manipulates the concept of the historically authoritative formal portrait, creating an absurd cast of buffoons.

Singer uses an array of paint applications, from washes to scrapes, to depart from the additional and highlight the physicality of the medium.




William Singer, The Raspberry Helmets, 2016, oil on paper, 52 x 39 in.

Photo Credit: Sal Rodriguez


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