7, some say it’s a lucky number.  It all depends whether you roll it first or not.  Whatever your beliefs, we feel extremely lucky to be composing our seventh New  Year’s publisher’s page.

Our success derives from two components: one part luck and three parts our dedicated team of professionals who contribute to each addition of Ambassador. We have had a number of talented professionals work with us over the years. Perhaps we were simply lucky that they chose to showcase their talents at our magazine. Today is no different. Everyone from Michelle, Ingrid and Mary in editorial, to Candice in marketing, George, Eric and Marco in distribution,  Colleen Bayoff and our accounting team, and of course, the dozens of Detroit’s top writers and photographers, makes our publication what it is today — they are the magazine’s proverbial foundation, they make it strong.

With this strong foundation, the continuously growing list of Detroitiers making valuable contributions in our communities, and the undeniably positive aura emanating from this great city, we look forward to 2013.

Beginning the year with the North American International Auto Show, cruising through the summer with the Grand Prix and coming to a close with Hob Nobble Gobble and the Thanksgiving Day Parade, this year, like the last six will likely fly by. But this year will undoubtedly be filled with exciting news as a number of important decisions lay on the horizon. In November, Detroiters will go to the polls to elect a mayor and the democratic hopefuls for the next gubernatorial race will begin to unveil themselves. The parcels of property on the downtown “monopoly board” will continue to be bought, sold and developed, bringing handshakes and entrepreneurs from around the country. The world will visit, invest and set up shop here in the D.

We at Ambassador recognize that if we as a community want to realize our region’s great potential, each and every one of us must contribute. Those contributions will manifest in a variety of ways, as they should, but at a minimum, we should all act as cheerleaders. Whether you live in Canton or Grosse Pointe, Bloomfield Hills or Clarkston, Detroit or Ann Arbor, find and exploit the positive. We shall do the same.

Starting with this issue, in 2013 we are doing our best to provide you insight into the many positive aspects of the region so that you may spread the word. Enjoy this read, do your part, and become a player in Detroit’s continued resurgence. With a bit of luck and a lot of dedication from readers like you, 2013 could be the Year of Detroit.